Paris is located in the north of France, in the center of the Parisian basin it is the capital of that country, at the same time it is the most populated city. Capital of the region of the Isle of France (or “Parisian Region”), it is constituted in the only unidepartamental commune of the country. It is located on both banks of a long meander of the Seine River, in the center of the Parisian basin, between the confluence of the Marne River and the Seine, upstream, and the Oise and the Seine, downstream. The city of Paris, within its narrow administrative limits, has a population of just over two million, two hundred and seventy thousand people, Paris is not only the capital of France but also the most populated city. Besides being the eighth most populated city in the world, it has strong tourist attractions.

Paris, a dream to make true.

Probably this city is one of the 10 places that we really want to include in our list of things to do, its high tourist attractions can please the most demanding taste of any person, from environment to love, the best designs of fashionable clothes, fragrances to make the most detailed woman in the world fall in love.

But not everything in Paris is pintorezco and glamorous, there are some things that I personally have noticed is that in Paris it is practically impossible to get a taxi during peak hours, lunch hours. If you manage to get a taxi in less than 25 minutes then it is very likely your lucky day and you should buy a lottery chance, as one of the most notorious problems of the city of love is the lack of taxis that meet the demand. of locals as tourists.

Drivers select who to carry.

Given the notorious lack of taxis, drivers select the customers and destinations they will serve. Places like suburbs, long runs and obese people are not on the list of things that a taxi cadet would like to have in their taxi. In Paris there are more or less 17,500 registered taxis. This has put the taxi service industry in the spotlight since with the new technologies new market options have appeared that offer transportation also.

This is how the initiative of people without a license to work as selective transport with companies such as UBER is born or is place in this city, which contracts the use of natural persons with their own car, which provide the service and transport people at competitive prices. Transport companies hand in hand with technology nowadays have decided to go beyond offering a simple taxi service and also provide optional services such as WIFI, bar and other exempt services capable of pleasing the most outlandish tastes.

Cooperative unions (legally constituted people) and with permission to work as cadets have actively protested since according to them they are taking away business and therefore they are losing income.

On the other hand, users have said they agree with this initiative, which does not completely reduce the problem of taxis in the city, but at least there are more options. At the same time, they show that with the passing of days, they have more and more options.

What we are sure of is that taxi drivers still have a preference because the drivers of UBER do not have access to airport parking, as well as other exclusive parking for taxis.

On the other hand, the sevice of taxis in the rest of France complies with its regular function without many limitations, what is notorious is that it is one of the most expensive means of transportation in the country. The taxis have no color that defines them as such, the only thing you can identify a taxi is a sign with lights in which the word TAXI is read, besides that they must necessarily have a taximeter (system of measurement of career of the taxis), as well as their license plate which must be placed in a visible place.

As for the rates, as I explained earlier your best friend is the meter, but in addition to this there are other things that influence the price as it is if you travel at night, if you carry exra luggage, if you travel on holidays or even if the address you gave to the taxi cadet is outside the city (another jurisdiction).

Another curious fact of the taxis is that they can only catch a maximum of three people, so the passenger seat as a rule must be unoccupied, however, there is a supplement to occupy this square and are required to carry 4 people.

In addition to cycling 24 hours a day, taxis in France there are certain hours in which it is practically impossible to find one. Something that you have to take into account when moving by taxi is that despite having several taxi companies, all apply the same rates and prices for the service (fantastic, isn’t it?)

The future of transport in Paris

Before this remarkable market, the French capital will implement in the coming months a taxi system which will fly over the river Seine, this project intends to move passengers from one point to another point of the city by electric bubbles, which According to environmental studies, they will not pollute nor will they make noise. The project has baptized the vehicles as Sea Buble or marine bubble, which according to the prototype, will rise above the water thanks to its thin wings and clean propulsion, they accumulate energy since they contain solar panels and hydraulic power. The current of the river will also be a source of energy.

This project is a synergy between the browser Alain Thebault and the national government of France.

It is expected that by the end of spring, five units will be operating as pilot tests. If this project is successful, it is intended to develop a project on a larger scale.

The idea is that the bubbles, driven by a driver, take up to four passengers who can book your vehicle thanks to an application “as simple as Uber”.

The price of the trip will be less than 10 euros to connect Paris from east to west.

The municipality of Paris has said that they are very enthusiastic about the initiative, which seeks to promote river transport to the detriment of automobiles.


If you find it hard to find taxis in Paris, especially at night, walk to the nearest avenue or to a main street, where they pass by most frequently.

Although they are obliged by law to carry out the route that we ask them, in Paris it is quite frequent that they refuse to make an itinerary if it seems too short or it does not fit them. It is convenient that you make sure that it will take you to your destination before going up.

It should also be noted that the taxi has its license number visible and that it activates the taximeter when we go up to avoid misunderstandings with the final price.

You already know that, sometimes, some taxi drivers tend to go around tourists. As practically all Paris taxis already carry GPS, it is best that you ask them to enter the address where you are going.

It is not necessary to leave a tip.

Sharing the taxi for some companies is normal for several passengers who go to the same destination to share the fare and the price of the trip.