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DAS Solar' N-Type Cell Series

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A Leader of N-Type PV Technology

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Company Profile

Specializing in the R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of N-Type high-performance PV cells, modules, and system applications, as well as the investment, construction, and operation of power plants, DAS Solar Co., Ltd. has strived to be an integrated service provider of PV new energy system solutions for various and diversified applications. 


  • 5000+


  • 35+billion

    Gross Output Value

  • 20+20GW

    Capacity For N-Type
    Cellls And Modules

Product Center

With leading products, leading technologies, and leading cost efficiency as its development strategy, DAS Solar is committed to providing N-Type high-efficiency PV cells and modules, as well as full-scenario photovoltaic system solutions.

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PV Modules
PV Cells

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